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Emerging themes for SUN countries - FEX/NEX synthesis briefs Global coordinator for ENN’s SUN KM project, Natalie Sessions, and Nutrition Exchange (NEX) co-editor, Judith Hodge, discuss key findings from their review of articles from NEX and FEX (Field Exchange) publications from the last five years.
NEX 12: Yemen: Conducting a Costing Readiness Assessment Silvia Kaufmann talks with Abdul Karim Nasser and Karima Ahmed Al-Hada’a about their experience in assessing the readiness for costing of their Common Results Framework (CRF) in 2018.


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Trailer 2020: Multi-sectoral Programming Nutrition is increasingly a top priority issue for developing countries around the globe
How to write and record for NEX Check out this video cast on how to become a contributor to Nutrition Exchange
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