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Project summary

NutVal is a spreadsheet application for planning and monitoring the nutriton content of food assistance.  

The ENN supported University College London (UCL) in the development of version 4 of this tool which was released in 2014. Features of version 4 include: 

  • New micronutrient requirements taken from FAO/WHO (2004), have replaced the  WHO (2000) Safe Levels of Intake used in version 3.
  • Nine additional nutrients have been included in the NutVal database for use in the analysis of nutrient adequacy. 
  • Age group categories have been revised to make them more comprehensive, user-friendly, and consistent with age groups that are used in programme design. Energy requirements for the new age categories have been calculated using values from FAO/WHO/UNU (2004). 
  • Additional food items that have been requested by users have been included. 
  • Data handling and the tracking database have been improved to allow the saving and recall of complete ration data. 
  • New graphs for comparing different rations have been added. 
  • On-line training presentations are being developed and will uploaded to nutval.net soon.


See NutVal for more information and to access the tool.

Project details

2013 - 2014

Donors: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

ENN Project Lead: Marie McGrath

Collaborators: University College London