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SUN Senior Project Officer - Nutrition: This role is a unique opportunity to synthesise and sense-make more than 4 years’ of learning and knowledge management in Year 5 of the SUN KM project. We are seeking a talented individual who will bring their experience and perspectives to the project, working closely with the Global Knowledge Management Coordinator. Please see the full job description on our website:

Nutrition Advisor - Washington DC-based Opportunity (12 April 2019)

Health and Nutrition EU Aid Volunteer Niger (12 April 2019)

Health and Nutrition EU Aid Volunteer Kenya (12 April 2019)

GAIN is recruiting a Technical Expert for Consultancy Pakistan - Trans Fat Expert (ITFA) (11 April 2019)

GAIN is recruiting technical expert for a consultancy - Trans Fat Expert (ITFA) (11 April 2019)

Nutrition International-NLIFT is recruiting a Nutrition Technical Advisor in Indonesia (9 April 2019)

FAO Vacancy announcement - Nutrition-sensitive Programme Specialist – Resilience and Emergency (27 March 2019)

Save the Children is recruiting a Senior Specialist in School Health and Nutrition (25 March 2019)

Mental Health & Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Project Manager/ Medair (22 March 2019)

Workshop Facilitator - Francophone (21 March 2019)

These vacancies are taken from the Announcements & Nutritionists needed forum area on en-net.

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