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MAMI Communications Guide

Author: MAMI Global Network
Year: 2022
Resource type: Field tool

This Communications Guide has been developed to establish consistent and clear communication on the management of small and nutritionally at-risk infants under six months (u6m) and their mothers (MAMI), and to inform advocacy for the approach. Its primary purpose is to support engagement with key stakeholders across sectors/disciplines from sub-national to global levels in order to facilitate delivery of the MAMI Global Network Strategy.

To achieve this, the guide outlines:

• Target audiences for MAMI communications and advocacy across sectors and levels (section 2)
• General key messages (section 3)
• Audience-specific key messages (section 4)
• Communications channels (section 5)
• Existing communications and advocacy materials (section 6)

The intended users of this document are those engaged in communication and advocacy regarding the development, planning, funding and/or delivery of care for small and nutritionally at-risk infants u6m and their mothers. Users may be communication specialists or those working in related policy, research or practice who want to understand more or wish to communicate clearly with others. The content demonstrates the relevance of MAMI to various specialities and disciplines and can help to establish connections for collaborative planning and action.

This guide provides key communication considerations to facilitate conversations with different stakeholders. More detailed and targeted communication and advocacy may be necessary. Communications with communities, families, mothers and fathers are not addressed in this guide.

There are two covers available, but all internal content is the same. 

Our communications and advocacy materials, including the social media cards, are available in English here and in French here


MAMI-communication-guide_2022_english_front-cover-1.pdf (PDF, 6.3mb)

MAMI-communication-guide_2022_english_front-cover-2.pdf (PDF, 8.7mb)

MAMI-guide-communication_2022_français.pdf (PDF, 7.4mb)

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