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MAMI Global Network Communications and Advocacy Materials

Author: MAMI Global Network
Year: 2022
Resource type: Official

 Matériel de communication et de plaidoyer du Réseau mondial MAMI en français ici

A series of infographics, which complement the MAMI Communications Guide, are available to download and use to support simple communication with different audiences.

Additional resources to use in communication and advocacy materials, such as short videos, infographics, presentations and podcasts, are also available. To view the available materials, go to the MAMI page.

We encourage translation of the MAMI materials into multiple languages and we welcome those with the capacity to do so to contact us. We ask that stakeholders send through any translated and any new materials to us so that they can be shared with the wider MAMI community. Please also acknowledge the use/adaptation of materials by referencing the original source document.

Contact us

MAMI Global Network Coordinator:
MAMI Care Pathway Package:


MAMI-vision-strategy-1-Facebook-Post.png (PNG, 134kb)

MAMI-vision-strategy-1-Instagram-Post.png (PNG, 162kb)

MAMI-vision-strategy-1-LinkedIn-post.png (PNG, 123kb)

MAMI-vision-strategy-1-Twitter-post.png (PNG, 170kb)

MAMI-vision-strategy-2-Twitter-post.png (PNG, 745kb)

MAMI-vision-strategy-3-Facebook-Post.png (PNG, 594kb)

MAMI-vision-strategy-3-Instagram-Post.png (PNG, 831kb)

MAMI-vision-strategy-3-LinkedIn-post.png (PNG, 480kb)

MAMI-vision-strategy-3-Twitter-post.png (PNG, 785kb)

What-is-the-MAMI-GN-Facebook-Post.png (PNG, 500kb)

What-is-the-MAMI-GN-Instagram-Post.png (PNG, 965kb)

What-is-the-MAMI-GN-LinkedIn-post.png (PNG, 474kb)

What-is-the-MAMI-GN-Twitter-post.png (PNG, 740kb)

MAMI-Care-Pathway-Facebook-Post.png (PNG, 496kb)

MAMI-Care-Pathway-Instagram-Post.png (PNG, 634kb)

MAMI-Care-Pathway-LinkedIn-post.png (PNG, 678kb)

MAMI-Care-Pathway-Twitter-post.png (PNG, 1.0mb)

MAMI-child-health-audiences-Facebook-Post.png (PNG, 701kb)

MAMI-child-health-audiences-Instagram-Post.png (PNG, 1.1mb)

MAMI-child-health-audiences-LinkedIn-post.png (PNG, 720kb)

MAMI-child-health-audiences-Twitter-post.png (PNG, 996kb)

MAMI-climate-changefood-sys-1-Twitter-post.png (PNG, 1.4mb)

MAMI-climate-changefood-sys-2-Twitter-post.png (PNG, 1.4mb)

MAMI-ECD-audiences-Facebook-Post.png (PNG, 471kb)

MAMI-ECD-audiences-Instagram-Post.png (PNG, 1.4mb)

MAMI-ECD-audiences-LinkedIn-post.png (PNG, 443kb)

MAMI-ECD-audiences-Twitter-post.png (PNG, 785kb)

MAMI-MHPSS-audiences-Facebook-Post.png (PNG, 573kb)

MAMI-MHPSS-audiences-Instagram-Post.png (PNG, 756kb)

MAMI-MHPSS-audiences-LinkedIn-post.png (PNG, 499kb)

MAMI-MHPSS-audiences-Twitter-post.png (PNG, 816kb)

MAMI-newborn-health-audiences-Facebook-Post.png (PNG, 569kb)

MAMI-newborn-health-audiences-Instagram-Post.png (PNG, 1.6mb)

MAMI-newborn-health-audiences-LinkedIn-post.png (PNG, 528kb)

MAMI-newborn-health-audiences-Twitter-post.png (PNG, 915kb)

MAMI-nutrition-audiences-Facebook-Post.png (PNG, 866kb)

MAMI-nutrition-audiences-Instagram-Post.png (PNG, 1.3mb)

MAMI-nutrition-audiences-LinkedIn.png (PNG, 712kb)

MAMI-nutrition-audiences-Twitter.png (PNG, 1.2mb)

MAMI-SDG-links-1-Twitter-post.png (PNG, 1.2mb)

MAMI-SDG-links-2-Twitter-post.png (PNG, 1.2mb)

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