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Understanding the relationship between wasting and stunting: A conversation on the findings of our systematic review on this topic


This podcast records a conversation between Tanya Khara (ENN Technical Director and Coordinator of the WaSt TIG) and Susan Thurstans (member of the WaSt TIG and lead author of the systematic review) who discuss some of the key findings of the systematic review which looks at the relationship between wasting and stunting and some of the outstanding questions that remain. Carmel Dolan (member of the WaSt TIG) and Gloria Odei (a researcher who has been influenced by the groups work) also give us their main takeaways from the review and thoughts on what comes next.

As Carmel sums up: ‘The results of the systematic review are a strong indication of really how far we’ve come since the early days of the WaSt TIG where we spent a lot of time explaining why thinking in a more connected way about wasting and stunting is important… It is a really powerful indicator of progress and we now have, as a result of the systematic review, a strong evidence base from which to advocate from for change and a new approach looking at both wasting and stunting together.’

Further Information

You can read the systematic review, or if you would like to understand more of the programme and policy implications for these findings, you can read our technical brief