What does IFE Core Group membership involve?

  • Contributing to IFE-CG strategy, workplan development and delivery.
  • Contributing peer-to-peer support to IFE-CG members.
  • Sharing and receiving regular updates ongoing emergencies and upcoming IYCF-E activities, tools and resources. 
  • Committing to transparency, management and avoidance regarding conflicts of interest.  
  • Answering questions on the IYCF-E online forum (en-net).
  • Participating in IFE-CG monthly calls and the annual meeting.
  • Contributing to the annual financial budget of the IFE-CG and/or providing in-kind support.

Becoming a member of the IFE Core Group

Note: We are currently conducting a strategic review of our ways of working and will not be accepting new members during this period.

Organisations, or individual members who wish to become members of the IFE Core Group are invited to request and submit the following documents to ife@ennonline.net :

  1. Examine the IFE Core Group Terms of Reference (which includes requirements and eligibility criteria for membership) 
  2. Review the Conflict of Interest Guidelines (Doc A) 
  3. Submit a Membership Nomination Form (Form A)  
  4. Submit a Declaration of Interest Form (Form B) 
  5. Read the IFE Core Group Privacy Notice

Current IFE Core Group membership

Members of the IFE Core Group are comprised of both individuals and agencies.