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Infant Feeding in Emergencies (IYCF-E) orientation package (2010)

Author: Chloe Angood
Year: 2010
Resource type: Training

IFE Module 1, v 2.1, 2010

This is a package of resources to help in orientation on infant and young child feeding in emergencies (IFE). These resources are targeted at emergency relief staff, programme managers, and technical staff involved in planning and responding to emergencies, at national and international level.

This IFE Orientation Package is an update of Module 1 on IFE (essential orientation), a print content first produced in 2001. The updated content has been developed by the Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN)IFE Core Group members, and collaborators.

Development of version 2.0 (2009) was funded by the UNICEF-led IASC Nutrition Cluster. Version 2.1 (2010) was updated by the ENN to reflect Sphere 2011 (in print) and the latest WHO guidance on infant feeding and HIV (2010).

IFE Module 1 uses the Operational Guidance on IFE as a guiding framework to support its implementation. This package supports the content of HTP Module 17 on Infant and Young Child Feeding, v2.0, 2010..

To feedback on this content or share your experiences in applying it, contact the IFE Core Group via the cordinating agency, The ENN.

The IFE orientation package comprises:

e-learning lessons

These can be used in self learning, in preparation for a face-to-face training, or as a group exercise. The lessons do not have to be completed at the one time, but ‘remember’ where you’ve stopped so that you can return and continue. A CD version will shortly be available to download, or from The ENN.

Training resources

These comprise powerpoint presentations and exercises for face to face orientation sessions. The materials have been informed by a number of pilots in training settings with different groups.

Technical notes

This detailed material was developed to supports the online lesson content and training resources. It should be useful background reading for facilitators and for those looking for more detail to target different groups and topics.

Key resources

Key resources are available to support the content of this package and are referred to in lessons and training content. These have been produced as a compilation (warning: 183mb file) for easy access and are available also in the ENN’s online resource library..

Evaluation guide

Pre/post assessment questions are available (an answer sheet on request) for an essential orientation on IFE. In addition, an evaluation strategy has been developed to help locate this work in a larger evaluation process.

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