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There are a range of ongoing research activities by the MAMI Global Network and its partners. Current and recent research and reviews include:

Priority areas for research that guide the MAMI Global Network’s work (as defined in 2015 CHNRI prioritisation, Angood et al, 2016)

Research questions

1.   How should infants under 6 months of age with SAM be defined?
2.   What are the key opportunities/timings where infant SAM management can be incorporated with other healthcare programmes
3.   What are the priority components of a package of care for outpatient treatment of infant under 6 months with SAM?
4.   Having detected SAM in the community, what is the efficacy of providing targeted skilled breastfeeding support to caregivers of stable infants?
5.   How can existing tools be adapted and/or linked together to better identify and manage infants under six months with SAM?

Peer reviewed publications

Ritu Rana, Marie McGrath, Paridhi Gupta, Ekta Thakur and Marko Kerac (2020). Feeding Interventions for Infants with Growth Failure in the First Six Months of Life: A Systematic Review

Martha Mwangome, Moses Ngari, Paluku Bwahere, Patrick Kabore, Marie McGrath, Marko Kerac, James A. Berkley (2018). Anthropometry at birth and at age of routine vaccination to predict mortality in the first year of life: A birth cohort study in Burkina Faso

Kerac M, Frison S, Connell N, Page B, McGrath, M (2018). Informing the Management of Acute Malnutrition in Infants aged <6 months: risk factor analysis using nationally-representative Demographic

Islam MM, Arafat Y, Connell N, Mothabbir, McGrath M, Berkley JA, Ahmed T, Kerac M (2018). Prevalence, risk factors and outcomes of severe acute malnutrition among infants aged <6 months in Bangladesh: A prospective cohort study.

Perceptions of acute malnutrition and its management in infants under six months of age: a qualitative study in rural Bangladesh" in its current form for publication in Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics. Accepted for publication (Feb 2018).

Kerac M, Blencowe H, Grijalva-Eternod C, et al Prevalence of wasting among under 6-month-old infants in developing countries and implications of new case definitions using WHO growth standards: a secondary data analysis. Archives of Disease in Childhood 2011;96:1008-1013.

Angood et al (2015) Research priorities to improve the management of acute malnutrition in infants aged less than six months (MAMI)

Grijalva-Eternod, C.S., Kerac, M., McGrath, M., Wikinson, C., Hirsch, J.C., Delchevalerie, P. and Seal, A.J. (2016) Admission profile and discharge outcomes for infants aged less than 6 months admitted to inpatient therapeutic care in 10 countries. A secondary data analysis. Matern Child Nutr. 2016 Jul 25, doi: 10.1111/mcn.12345. 

A review of methods to detect cases of severely malnourished infants less than 6 months for their admission into therapeutic care by ENN, 2017.The Childhood Acute Illness and Nutrition Network and LSHTM.  

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FEX: Severe malnutrition in infants under six months old: outcomes and risk factors in Bangladesh

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MAMI Report 2010

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FEX: Qualitative study of supplementary suckling as a treatment for SAM in Infants

This article summarises key findings of an MSc thesis1 By Natasha Lelijveld Natasha Lelijveld has recently completed her MSc in International Child Health at UCL. She is...

FEX: Managing at risk mothers and infants under six months in India – no time to waste

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en-net: MAMI 2 Project Survey

The MAMI 2 project (Management of Acute Malnutrition in Infants - 6 months) is administering a survey. Would you take part? Infants - 6 months with acute malnutrition are...

MAMI Global Network Coordination and Governance

An overview of the Network's governance structures, and ways of working are available here. The MAMI Global Network is currently developing its five-year strategy (2021-2026)...


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